Sunday, December 28, 2014

Welcome to Stuff Lasered!

Here at we have an 80W CO2 industrial laser cutter/engraver. It is capable of cutting through almost anything except for metal, and engraving pretty much everything you can think of.

For some fun examples of what we've tried cutting, don't forget to check out our popular YouTube show called Will It Laser for some hilarious examples of what we can (but probably shouldn't) be laser-ing. Is that a word?

The following are some examples of our capabilities:

Slate Engraving

Wood Coasters
Wood Gladiator Shield
Stainless Engraving
Artistic Canvas Reproduction
Artistic Decorations
Industrial Component Branding

1 comment:

  1. Your designs are delicate and beautiful. I checked out your youtube show and it was fantastic. I was wondering if you have any store or you take any custom orders, do inform me.